Going Solar in Nevada

Solar Energy is the cleanest and most cost-effective form of energy available. With the recent signing of Assembly Bill 405 by Governor Sandoval, net metering is back in place and Nevadan homeowners are enjoying the great benefits of solar energy once again.

Nevada is loaded with great incentives for going solar.

  • Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS) 25% of NV's power from renewables by 2025.

  • Solar Carve-Out (SCO) 6% of that 25% (or 1.5% of total sales) must come from solar by 2025. (If not, utilities get slapped with sizable fees.)

  • Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) Utility companies are required to carry over credit for over-production of energy at the rate of 95% of the retail value.

  • Electricity Prices Solar Going solar is cheaper than paying the utility company and the cost-to-benefit ratio only goes up every year.

  • Net Metering Homeowners who install solar will receive 95% of the retail cost of purchasing electricity back for any extra power they send to the grid.

  • Interconnection Rules NV Energy has a reasonably streamlined interconnection process, making going solar much easier than other states.

  • Solar Power Rebates Nevada is offering its "RenewableGenerations" solar rebate program with its current incentive level set to $0.245/watt of solar installed.